02 Dec '11, 11pm

Friday music blogging: Milo Greene | Grist

Friday music blogging: Milo Greene | Grist

I give you the Next Big Thing: a band called Milo Greene. They haven't even released an album yet -- they've got a single out and an EP coming soon -- but they're getting buzz all over the place, for good reason. They land squarely in the current indie sweet spot, with the gorgeous four-part harmonies of Fleet Foxes, the propulsive, strummy accessibility of Mumford & Sons, and just a soupçon of bohemian tribal percussion. I, of course, am a sucker for pretty harmonies, so this song might as well have been cooked up in a laboratory especially to appeal to me. But I can't help thinking these guys are going to be huge when their album comes out next year. Here's the single, "1957." ------ Bonus video! Here they are doing a live version of the song:

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