29 Nov '11, 4pm

How Baby Boomers doomed the exurbs

Homes and strip malls in America's outer-ring suburbs, which contained most of the country's most expensive homes in the 1990s, are now worth less than what it cost to build them. And the land beneath them is worth effectively zero, says Brookings Institution senior fellow Christopher B. Leinberger, in a powerful op-ed arguing that the future of the country is urban and walkable . Simply put, there has been a profound structural shift — a reversal of what took place in the 1950s, when drivable suburbs boomed and flourished as center cities emptied and withered. What's driving this transition? The two biggest demographic groups in the country, Baby Boomers and their children, the Millennials, who collectively represent half the population, don't want to have anything to do with the suburbs. Many boomers are now empty nesters and approaching retirement. Generally this means ...

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My Baby

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Stop GMO Baby Food!

organicconsumers.org 30 Nov '11, 6pm

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Safeguard Organic Standards

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Retro, Baby: The 2013 Ford Shelby GT500

Retro, Baby: The 2013 Ford Shelby GT500

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Going back to the future is this very retro-cool, very powerful specimen from Ford Motors for 2013: the Ford Shelby GT500....