28 Oct '11, 11am

The life of a seaweed gatherer [VIDEO]

Most of the seaweed we get these days is farmed. But way up in northern Maine, Larch Hanson is still harvesting it wild in its many varieties on the rugged coast. This video isn't about the details of that process, however. It's about the essence of life for Larch, who rises at dawn to cut seaweed and then writes Zen poems about it. Learn more about Larch on his

Full article: http://www.grist.org/sustainable-food/2011-10-28-the-life...


Infographic: Half-Life Of Social Media Shares

searchengineland.com 26 Oct '11, 4pm

Social discovery service StumbleUpon has released a new infographic looking at the “half-life ” of content shared via its ...

Life On The Nickel

Life On The Nickel

jamiechin.com 06 Nov '11, 3pm

Posted on November 5, 2011 by Jamie Home on a Saturday night! I’m trying my best to change my sleeping time for the greate...

That rubbery design on your favorite screen-printed tee is likely made with PVC. Here's a greener alternative: seaweed!

That rubbery design on your favorite screen-pri...

ecouterre.com 27 Oct '11, 2pm

That hard, rubbery texture on your favorite screen-printed tee? More likely than not, it’s plastisol, a PVC-derived ink th...

Celebrate #Life. Celebrate #Joy.

Celebrate #Life. Celebrate #Joy.

lifeforbeginners.com 27 Oct '11, 4pm

I celebrate the hours and the days and the weeks and the months and the years that I am alive. I celebrate all the minutes...