22 Oct '11, 7am

Uncontacted Amazon tribe shoot arrows at tourists after chance encounter

Authorities don't know exactly why the tribe has been appearing more frequently in the area, but it may be related to an uptick in illegal logging that is an ongoing problem within Amazonian reserves. Wildcat gold prospectors and seismic teams exploring for oil and gas also represent an ongoing threat to native peoples. Developers, miners and prospectors have been known to shoot and kill natives when they encounter them.

Full article: http://www.mnn.com/lifestyle/arts-culture/stories/unconta...


Issue 50 Fashion Encounter is launched!

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Say My Name: Ohvola Outdoor Shoot II

Say My Name: Ohvola Outdoor Shoot II

jolenezhou.blogspot.com 24 Oct '11, 11am

Monday, October 24, 2011 Ohvola Outdoor Shoot II A video done by xpoppy, more of her vlogs on her channel! Psst look out f...