19 Oct '11, 11am

Interim report from John Hills on Fuel Poverty Review published

The Warm Homes and Energy Conservation Act 2000 required the publication of a strategy setting out policies to ensure that as far as reasonably practicable no-one lives in fuel poverty. In 2001, the Government published its Fuel Poverty Strategy for England. This Strategy defined a fuel poor household as one which needs to spend more than 10% of its income on all fuel use and to heat its home to an adequate standard of warmth. This is generally defined as 21°C in the living room and 18°C in other occupied rooms. The strategy also set an interim objective of eradicating fuel poverty in vulnerable households as far as reasonably practicable by 2010; under the terms of the Warm Homes Act, no household should be in fuel poverty as far as reasonably practical by 2016. Despite significant investment on measures designed, in whole or in part, to contribute to the objectives and t...

Full article: http://www.decc.gov.uk/en/content/cms/funding/fuel_povert...


Review: Bilingualism Policy in Singapore

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Review: Paddle Pop Rainbow

Review: Paddle Pop Rainbow

ahgirlplussize.com 23 Oct '11, 6pm

Who doesn't know this is a super yummy ice-cream? You must be kidding me?!?! I remembered the first time I brought this ic...

Pawns of Big Oil work to reverse logic: #yergin

Pawns of Big Oil work to reverse logic: #yergin

postcarbon.org 21 Oct '11, 4pm

Recently I’ve been getting emails from folks who had previously read an article or two on Peak Oil and found the evidence ...