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Sustainable specs: 5 great eco-friendly glasses frames

Sustainable specs: 5 great eco-friendly glasses frames

Now that it's autumn, and our fancies turn to school, education and bookishness in general, it's time to put on our thinking caps (and nerdy glasses) and get serious. I need glasses, and wear them most days, but often feel my style choices are limited with one set of frames (none of them go with the variety of outfits I like to wear — boho some days, yoga-sporty others). So a few weeks ago I had a radical idea — what if I put together a glasses wardrobe? A few different frames so that I could forego contact lenses unless I was working out, and just wear my specs? I keep my glasses for years, and with a rotating set of, say, three, they would last three times as long, plus I would look for eco-friendly versions (the Ecologist outlines what's so toxic about regular glasses

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I found this insightful

I found this insightful

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