03 Oct '11, 11am

Soap and Glory: A Peek Behind Method's Methods

This is a place where we are holding the legacy assets of our competitors against them. I’ve talked with you in the past about laundry detergent, that the way it’s normally used [by consumers] in the U.S. creates a lot of waste, and that creates a lot of extra business for our competitors. So for competitors to put a pump-dispensing technology on the laundry detergent, even if they first have to figure out how to make the formula the way we do, would mean their giving up a lot of the business that comes from that overuse. So, here’s a legacy that we’re able to hold against our competitors to say, “Listen we’re going to do something that’s more innovative, but it’s also aligning the interests of the consumer with the interests of the environment.”

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A peek!

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