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12 Most Poisonous Snakes on Earth [email protected]| rt @cinnamon_carter @tiger6300 @Paul_Steele #Biology

12 Most Poisonous Snakes on Earth |@EnviroGraffiti| rt @cinnamon_carter @tiger6300 @Paul_Steele #Biology

There are numerous lists on this subject by different experts who have different ways of measuring the toxicity of snake venom, and who therefore offer differing results. The most common, and probably easiest, way to measure quantities of venom is using the median lethal dose, or LD50 – the amount of venom it takes to kill half the mice tested on in a lab. The lower the number, the more venomous the snake! However, depending on the type of bite inflicted – for example, subcutaneous or intravenous – different results are produced. To complicate matters further, even among those lists of the most venomous snakes that seem to measure in the same way, there is little consistency. We're basing this article on a list compiled by Ernst and Zug (1996). Enjoy!

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