26 Sep '11, 8pm

Homemade mango lassi #recipe for fresh or frozen mango. Yum!

If you are using a fresh mango, detach the flesh from skin and pit as follows: Hold the mango upright on a work surface, narrow edge facing you and the flat and rounded sides to your right and left. With a small sharp knife, slice vertically down through both flat and rounded sides so as to just miss the flat pit. Skin side down, score each of the cut halves into 3/4-inch dice. Push from the skin side to open up the scored side; slide the knife blade under the flesh to detach from the skin. Slice away as much of the remaining flesh as you can from around the pit and cut into small dice. If using frozen mango pulp, simply thaw to refrigerator temperature.

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WhatsApp For Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)

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Some of you might already know, WhatsApp has been available on Windows MarketPlace For Mobile since last Saturday, but unf...

Coconut prawn with mango salsa recipe: #recipe #recipes #cooking #snack #sgfood #sg #singapore #asia #partyfood

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The new Mango: Is it sweet? by @jiayijoyce

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Recipe: Prune Cake

Recipe: Prune Cake

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