30 Mar '13, 9pm

Urbsly — Fund This Open Data Catalog Of Seeds

Here’s a quick text summary of the project (from the Openfire page): “Urbsly’s first goal is to compile an open data catalog of seed varieties. Creating an open data set that anyone can use and build upon begins to make it much easier for gardeners and farmers to find the plant varieties available from independent seed companies that will grow well for them, reducing their reliance on the agribusiness giants.”

Full article: http://planetsave.com/2013/03/30/urbsly-fund-this-open-da...


How to Kill Self-Reported Data

searchenginewatch.com 05 Apr '13, 7am

Self-reported data is collected when a website/company asks a user any iteration of "How did you hear about us?" While sel...

Images carrying an encrypted data payload

Images carrying an encrypted data payload

hackaday.com 31 Mar '13, 11pm

He’s using AES-256 encryption to keep his data away from prying eyes. But if that wasn’t enough, he also wrote a PHP progr...