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#CompanionPlanting With #Vegetables and #Flowers

#CompanionPlanting With #Vegetables and #Flowers

Onions with leafy vegetables, followed by green beans and Chinese cabbage or spinach Potatoes with leafy vegetables, followed by green beans and Chinese cabbage or spinach Spring kale with radishes, followed by celery and tomatoes Spring spinach, followed by lima beans and tomatoes Double rows of corn alternated with single rows of peppers A double row of garlic with spinach down the center Strawberries with watermelon Using Plants to Manage Pests and Weeds Some gardeners use companion planting to deter all manner of garden pests, such as planting hedges of marigolds to deter rabbits or using rattail radishes to confuse squash vine borers. In our online Pest Control Survey , the gardeners who reported the most success with companion planting to discourage pests used a single technique: “growing tons of flowers,” with borage, calendula, dill, sweet alyssum, and herbs such a...

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How to Make a #Compost Bin from #Pallets

How to Make a #Compost Bin from #Pallets

motherearthnews.com 27 Feb '18, 10pm

A compost bin made from wooden pallets is cheap and easy to make. Check that they’re safe for composting in — the pallet s...

Earth Hour

wwf.org.uk 03 Mar '18, 11pm

Saturday 24 March – lights out at 8:30pm WWF’s Earth Hour is the biggest movement to protect our planet. Hundreds of milli...

How to Beat #Bugs in Your #Garden

How to Beat #Bugs in Your #Garden

motherearthnews.com 24 Feb '18, 10pm

Attract predatory insects, such as ladybugs, to your garden by planting a range of flowers and cover crops so there’s some...

Copenhagen's Hanging Gardens will allow residen...

inhabitat.com 11 Mar '18, 5am

Each apartment will have access to a private vegetable garden and hanging gardens , where residents can grow their produce...

Open discussion: Vegetables

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Learn how to protect your plants from #aphids.

Learn how to protect your plants from #aphids.

motherearthnews.com 03 Mar '18, 11pm

Squash and remove: Squash aphids by hand, or nip off and destroy clusters at shoot tips. Pinch out the tips of fava beans ...