31 Jan '18, 5pm

Confronting plastic in the ocean: California’s stalled push to ‘keep the cap on’ https://t.co/pQSXPx0saI

about a California bill that would push restaurants to offer plastic straws to diners only upon request. While the anti-straw movement has gained considerable momentum in the past few years, these ubiquitous utensils haven’t been the only item under legislative consideration on the West coast. Last year, California Assembly member Mark Stone introduced AB 319 , a bill that would prohibit retailers from selling or offering for sale single-use plastic beverage containers with caps that are not tethered or affixed to the beverage container itself. In a statement announcing the proposed legislation, he explained, “By requiring that those lids stay attached to the plastic bottles that consumers use, we can ensure that they are part of California’s successful recycling programs and not in landfills or the environment.”

Full article: https://oceanconservancy.org/blog/2018/01/31/confronting-...