14 Dec '17, 8pm

Demand Asia Pulp & Paper stand with Indonesian frontline & Indigenous communities fighting to farm

Demand Asia Pulp and Paper Respect Communities’ Right to Farm For the people of Lubuk Mandarsah in Indonesia, farming is more than a way of life, it's an act of resistance. In Indonesia, where many frontline communities don’t have the legal rights to their land, growing food to provide for their families can be a daily struggle. Years ago, Asia Pulp and Paper (APP)—one of the biggest pulp and paper companies in the world—took the communities’ traditionally owned land and cut down their forests for plantations. After APP harvested the plantation trees, community members returned to their land and reclaimed it, planting their crops before APP could replant it with another monocrop pulp and paper plantation. Sign this petition to demand APP respect human rights and allow frontline communities to farm their traditionally owned land.

Full article: https://www.ran.org/bpp_app_farmers


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