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Meta description: 10 Best Backpacking Stoves below are the best-selling products. We gather the pros and cons of each and come up with the right buying guide for you. Check it out!

Finding Top 10 Best Backpacking Stoves For You Outdoor Travel

Whether you are engaged in climbing, hiking, or other outdoor activities, it is essential to have a quality backpacking stove in your luggage. Because this device will make the trip much more comfortable by helping us prepare foods with better taste.

As you know, enjoying delicious food is an effective way to recover after a tiring trip.

You’ve probably also been anxious to know which products are the best backpacking stoves to use. So, do not hesitate to explore with us in the article below!

But first, if you’re busy and don’t have much time to read in-depth reviews, take a quick look at this quick recommendation of each model to find the right product.

RankingProductProsBest for
#1MSR PocketRocket Ultralight BackpackingWorks well in high wind conditionsEnergy savingImpressive simmering abilityOperation in a windy environment
#2Soto WindmasterCompact and convenientGood cooking abilityCan be used in windy environmentsPiezoelectric igniter works wellBalance between features and volume
#3Jetboil MiniMo Camping and Backpacking Stove Cooking SystemCooking at high speedLighter than usualEquipped with Piezoelectric lighterSpeed
#4Jetboil Flash Camping and Backpacking Stove Cooking SystemLightlySuitable for beverage processingQuality notification systemMixing drinks
#5BRS 3000T Stove Backpacking Stove Camping Stove Ultralight Titanium Only 25gCheapCompactGood simmering abilityPrice
#6Snow Peak LiteMax StoveSuper lightEasy to storeHigh certaintyLightweight
#7MSR WhisperLite International Multifuel Backpacking StoveCan use a variety of fuelsStable operation in many environmentsLots of accessories includedSuitable for many different environments
#8MSR WindBurnerEnergy savingIndirectly reduce the load on the userCook fastCan be used in a variety of conditionsEnergy saving
#9Camp Chef Mountain Series Stryker 100 IsobutaneEasy to connectThe parts are fastened togetherEasy to operate the pot partQuality igniterEasy to use
#10Primus ETA Lite High EfficiencySafe useCan be used with a variety of potsImpressive fuel economySafety

10 Best Backpacking Stoves on The Market Today

There are many models of backpacking stoves on the market today. But among them, which are the best quality products? The 10 products on this list will be the most suitable answer for you with the advantages and outstanding features.

MSR PocketRocket Ultralight Backpacking

Price: $70

Fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Weight: 85 g | 3.0 oz

MSR PocketRocket Ultralight Backpacking is one of the few models capable of maintaining a stable heat source even when operating in high wind environments. This product is even capable of gently boiling water when the wind outside reaches 8 – 10 mph. Hardly any stove can preserve the flame and operate stably when used in a place with a wind speed of 3 on the Beaufort scale.

Another advantage of the kitchen product from the MSR brand is its great fuel economy. 0.4 oz of fuel to boil 1 liter of water is an impressive number compared to other models of the same size. 

If you have a passion for simmering dishes, you should not miss this kitchen model. It is the quality control valve that makes it easy to choose the right temperature. In addition, the burner section of this product is wider than many of its kind, which also means a more even heat distribution.

However, this stove also suffers from a defect in the operability of the available piezo igniter. Rarely, we can successfully ignite the fire the first time.


  • Works well in high wind conditions
  • Energy saving
  • Impressive simmering ability


Our Verdict: Good resistance, suitable for trips in windy places.

Soto Windmaster

Price: $65

Fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Weight: 2.3 Ounces

Compact design but stable in operation are the special things that the Soto brand brings to us. Admittedly, many products weigh less than the Soto Windmaster. But in those backpacking stoves, there is a phenomenon of lack of features. In other words, our Windmaster model has reached the ultimate limit to keeping the balance between compactness and cooking ability.

In moderate-intensity winds, we can still use the Soto Windmaster as usual. The resistance to environmental impacts of this model is not too impressive. However, this much is enough to expect for a tiny kitchen.


  • Compact and convenient
  • Good cooking ability
  • Can be used in windy environments
  • Piezoelectric igniter works well


  • Inefficient use of energy

Our Verdict: One of the few products that balance the essentials of backpacking stove

Jetboil MiniMo Camping and Backpacking Stove Cooking System

Price: $150

Fuel: JetPower Isobutane/Propane

Weight: 1.15 Pounds

Usually, we will calculate the cooking speed of a backpacking stove through the average time it takes to boil a liter of water. And Surely, you will be surprised at the results that Jetboil MiniMo achieves after a few of our experiments. This model takes only 4 minutes and 6 seconds to push 1 liter of water to the boiling point in good conditions, only slightly less than the MSR Reactor stoves.

Despite finishing 2nd in the speed race with devices equipped with the MSR Reactor, the Jetboil brand stove is a complete winner in terms of volume. Trading a little performance for comfort is the right choice.

The available piezoelectric lighter also speeds up the cooking process by shortening ignition and warm-up times.


  • Cooking at high speed
  • Lighter than usual
  • Equipped with Piezoelectric lighter


  • No wind resistance

Our Verdict: Jetboil MiniMo’s speed is very fast. So, we will enjoy a delicious meal in a surprisingly short time.

Jetboil Flash Camping and Backpacking Stove Cooking System

Price: $110

Fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Weight: 13.2 Ounces

13.2 oz, which includes the weight of the attached plastic cup, is quite impressive for a canister stoves model like the Jetboil Flash. With this volume, we can completely put this product on the list of the lightest canister stoves.

Besides the lightweight, the special design with a low overall width and impressive depth is also a prominent feature that cannot be ignored. This unique construction makes the Jetboil Flash an extremely suitable device for boiling water or preparing hot drinks.

Another unique feature of this Jetboil hob is the boiling point alarm system in an extremely striking way. Now, you just need to look at the light on the flame logo to know if the temperature has reached the boiling point.


  • Lightly
  • Design suitable for beverage processing
  • Quality notification system


  • The ability to cook normally is quite limited

Our Verdict: Jetboil Flash has a fast speed to help us make hot drinks.

BRS 3000T Stove Backpacking Stove Camping Stove Ultralight Titanium Only 25g

Price: $17

Fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Weight: 0.06 Pounds

With only a cost of about 17 USD, you already own a BRS 3000T model to serve your journey. Admittedly, the appearance of this product broke the high prices of previous generation backpacking stove products. So whether you are studying or working, this product is still completely within your ability to pay.

Of course, we can’t ask for a product less than 20 USD to have a large burner head or good wind resistance. But this disadvantage inadvertently creates a premise for compactness that the BRS 3000T is compactness. With a weight of only 0.06 Pounds and a neat design, it will not be difficult to put the stove in a backpack.


  • Cheap
  • Compact
  • Good simmering ability


  • Small Burner Head
  • Can’t stop the wind

Our Verdict: Cheap and extremely compact, suitable for short trips

Snow Peak LiteMax Stove

Price: $60

Fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Weight: 0.25 Pounds

This stove model has a very small volume of only 0.25 Pounds. Even some models of alternative fuel stoves, which are famous for their lightness, must be inferior to this device.

Not only is it very light, but Snow Peak LiteMax is also extremely compact and easy to shrink for storage. After being collapsed, the size of the product also fits in a small bag that the manufacturer gives us.

Although it looks a bit fragile, the Snow Peak’s backpacking stove is quite sturdy. Of course, you also cannot use a pot that is too large with this device.

Snow Peak LiteMax is the best example of a product that trades features for lightweight. So it is not too surprising that the stove cannot cook in high winds or the performance is only average.


  • Super light
  • Easy to store
  • High certainty


  • Cooking efficiency is not high
  • Can’t be used with a large pot

Our Verdict: A lightweight product for those who hate to carry around

MSR WhisperLite International Multi-Fuel Backpacking Stove

  • Price: $110
  • Fuel: Auto, Kerosene, White gas
  • Weight: 309 g

The MSR WhisperLite is a few backpacking stove models that can consume both isobutane and liquid gas-based fuels. We all know that each type of fuel has different advantages and is suitable for each specific situation. So this impressive transformation will help your kitchen work more efficiently in a variety of environments and conditions.

The manufacturer also gives us two types of quality accessories to increase the flexibility of the product. You will have a large windscreen to improve the stove’s stability when operating in high wind conditions. Along with that, the upside-down rack allows the stove to run more smoothly in snowy environments.

Besides the above advantages, MSR WhisperLite still has some unfortunate disadvantages. First, the 309 g weight of the product may put you at a disadvantage for long-distance travel. In addition, the transition between the two types of fuel will be quite time-consuming.


  • Can use a variety of fuels
  • Stable operation in many environments
  • Attractive free accessories


  • Too heavy
  • Takes a long time to change fuel type

Our Verdict: Diversity in fuel consumption and accessories allows the stove to operate in various environments.

MSR WindBurner

Price: $150

Fuel: Isobutane-propane

Weight: 1.18 Pounds

The impressive fuel economy found in MSR WindBurner will help you reduce the risk of fuel shortages that can occur during long journeys.

The WindBurner MSR itself is quite heavy. But using less fuel also means we won’t need to carry so much energy. In other words, we only have to work hard to carry the product without worrying about the weight of the fuel we take.

If you think that using energy saving will slow down the cooking process, you are very much mistaken. MSR WindBurner only takes about 5 minutes and 17 seconds to boil 1 liter of water. This period may be longer than some products with the ability to cook quickly. However, compared to the other backpacking stoves, it is clear that this MSR model is superior.

In harsh environmental conditions such as high winds or snow, MSR WindBurner can still maintain stability and still save fuel.


  • Energy saving
  • Indirectly reduce the load on the user
  • Cook fast
  • Can be used in a variety of conditions


  • Quite heavy

Our Verdict: Great fuel economy, more peace of mind on long trips.

Camp Chef Mountain Series Stryker 100 Isobutane

Price: $82

Fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Weight: 1.2 Pounds

With this model, you will not have to spend too much time and effort to find a way to connect the valve part to the available fuel supply. We need to remove the safety pins and connect the device valve part to the reservoir.

These simple steps may lead us to think that the joints will not be so strong. However, the reality is quite the opposite. No matter how hard you shake it, the connector still won’t come off. So you can rest assured about your safety.

Connecting and manipulating the pot is much simpler, thanks to the heat-resistant and extremely sturdy handle. Now we will easily hold or move the food without worrying too much.

Another highlight of the Camp Chef Mountain Series Stryker is the impressively active ignition. There is a 95% chance that the piezo igniter will start up the first time you turn on the hob.

In addition to the weight and bulky appearance, other minor disadvantages are not worth mentioning.


  • Easy to connect
  • The parts are fastened together
  • The pot part is easy to operate
  • Quality igniter


  • Heavy, bulky

Our Verdict: The simplicity in even the smallest operation, suitable for both children and adults.

Primus ETA Lite High Efficiency

  • Price: $115
  • Fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Weight: 1.6 Pounds

The unique connector is the key to Primus ETA Lite High Efficiency’s impressive safety. In other models of stoves, you must be very careful if you do not want to put yourself in danger when the connection between the stove and the fuel source comes off. Meanwhile, with this Primus product, we don’t need to worry about that anymore because the unique concave grooves and fixed wiring will prevent unfortunate accidents.

You will be able to use many different types of cooking pots instead of just staying in the pool that comes with the product. This is possible thanks to the three sturdy canopies that the manufacturer has added to this stove.

You also need to note that this product is quite bulky and heavy.


  • Safe use
  • Can be used with many different types of pots
  • Impressive fuel economy


  • Bulky, heavy

Our Verdict: Product safety features allow us to eliminate the risk of cooking accidents.

Our Honorable Mentions

Although not on our list, the 3 Backpacking Stoves below are also worthy of your reference. Because these kitchens all have advantages that make them different, and maybe you will get the best fit for yourself out of these products.

MSR Dragonfly Portable Camping and Backpacking Stove

Price: $150

Fuel: Auto, Kerosene, Jet, White gas, Diesel

Weight: 1.1 Pounds

The temperature controller of the MSR Dragonfly gives us an impressive amount of heat control during the cooking process. You just need to turn the control valve, and the flame is completely under your control. That’s why, with this kitchen model, we will be able to make more delicious dishes, especially those that need to be simmered with low heat.

You can also use a variety of pots with this product, including large and small sizes. Many different fuels also contribute significantly to this product’s performance and ability to operate in many environments.


  • Good heat control ability
  • Can use a variety of pots
  • Suitable for a wide range of fuels


  • Noise
  • Difficult to connect

Our Verdict: Good fire control and fit for many types of pots. Suitable for slow cooking

Awroutdoor 3500W Portable

Price: $18

Fuel: Liquefied Petroleum Gas

Weight: 3.4 oz

Our first impressions with this product are at a relatively low price of about 18 USD. It is difficult to find a backpacking stove model in this price range, even with low-quality requirements.

However, the Etekcity brand still tries to integrate into this low-cost kitchen model a quality structure with high durability. Even if there is a strong impact, it is unlikely that our product will be damaged. So you can rest assured to put all kinds of cookers on the stove.

At less than $20, the lack of weather-resistant features and poor cooking performance is not too difficult to understand. But anyway, the user experience is still incomplete if these are entangled.


  • Cheap
  • Enduring
  • High resistance


  • Low cooking efficiency
  • The ability to cook in extreme weather is not good.

Our Verdict: Durable and reliable in exchange for the cooking performance is up to you.

JetBoil Zip

Price: $85

Fuel: Isobutane

Weight: 12 ounces

If you want to find a neat and light kitchen and has stable performance, it will be the JetBoil Zip. Because the weight of only 12 oz is an appropriate level not to affect performance and still ensure a slight weight loss. Besides, this product is also quite neat and only needs a small space in the backpack for you to put it in.

Although the performance of JetBoil Zip is not high, it is still enough to serve us during the journey. With 0.75 liters of water, the stove only needs about 0.2 oz to boil.

But this product of this JetBoil brand still suffers from the disadvantage of the size of the thermostat. At the same time, the lack of piezo igniter will also make it a bit difficult to use


  • Compact
  • Stable performance
  • Energy saving
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Excellent value for the money


  • Small thermostat
  • No piezo igniter

Factors to consider when choosing a backpacking stove

There are many criteria to consider and evaluate whether a backpacking stove is suitable for our needs. And the information that we are about to provide below will help you better understand these criteria.

Types of backpacking stoves

There are a total of 3 main types of backpacking stoves that you can find on the market today. All are canister stoves, liquid fuel stoves, and alternative-fuel stoves, respectively.

  • Canister stoves are the type of stoves that many people trust because of their ease of use and lack of regular maintenance. This product will be suitable if you are looking for a stove that can be used anywhere and anytime.
  • Liquid fuel stoves have the same simple operating mechanism as Canister stoves. But the complexity of pairing as well as many accessories will make you feel a little overwhelmed if you have no experience in using it. Like its name, this model of stove uses liquid fuel contained in small tanks as fuel.
  • The alternative-fuel stove is a generic name for stoves that use pellet fuels such as alcohol or charcoal and dry wood. In other words, these are products that do not use gases for cooking.


Small or no burners, light fuel, and not needing to carry too much while traveling are the points that help alternative fuel stoves win the weight race. We can even collect energy in nature without taking it with us if we use a wood stove. But alternative fuel stove models do not receive too high a rating for both performance and stability.

Contrary to the compactness of alternative fuel stoves, canister stoves are always famous for their volume and bulkiness. However, the performance and stability of these products are much higher and more stable.

If you want a device that balances both weight and cooking capacity, products like Snow Peak LiteMax will be extremely suitable.

Fuel efficiency

Energy-efficient stoves not only help you save on energy costs or maintain heat for longer. And these products also indirectly reduce the load in terms of weight for us.

Once again, alternative fuel stoves are on our list. There are few other models of stoves that can compare with alternative fuel stoves in reducing fuel waste.

If you feel that burning alcohol or charcoal and firewood is not suitable for your trip, you can switch to stoves like Canister stoves or Liquid fuel stoves. Because these products also possess impressive energy efficiency.


Canister stoves or liquid fuel stoves are the two most suitable options if you want to own a stable performance. Unfortunately, alternative fuel stove models will not be the device that we should choose when it comes to stability.

Boiling Time

It is not difficult to find information about the boiling time of a backpacking stove in the product information section. Because thanks to this parameter, the manufacturer can prove the performance of the kitchen model he produces. Although these figures are not always correct, they give us a sense of what the kitchen is capable of.

According to our records, the fastest boiling time on the market belongs to Jetboil Flash, with only 3.5 minutes to boil 1 liter of water. And conversely, alternative fuel stoves take nearly 15 minutes to cook the same amount of water. Therefore, you should avoid using alternative fuel stove models if you do not want to wait too long.

Simmering Ability

Usually, most users will pay little attention to simmering ability. But if you are a foodie and always want to enjoy delicious food, this is the factor that needs full attention.

All stoves except alternative fuel models have a switch that allows the flame to be adjusted or turned off quickly. 

However, this simple design alone is not enough to help us control love effectively. And of course, when you can’t control the heat source, it’s time to say goodbye to delicious food. So a model with an efficient regulator like the MSR DragonFly helps us simmer.

Ease Of Use

Talking about simplicity in both deployment and use is talking about canister stoves. You just need to unscrew the hob legs and then connect the product to the fuel tank and finally unlock and start using it. It’s really simple and convenient, isn’t it?


So we have completed the journey to discover the best backpacking stoves. Hopefully, through this article, you will have more knowledge and experience in choosing and using travel cookers.

And don’t forget that we have many other great articles on quality kitchen and picnic products at HikerNest Stoves Guides.

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