28 Jul '17, 2pm

Forbes calls another PETA misstep ‘success’ https://t.co/gRrXmcApuV

was excited to celebrate the latest ‘success’ of the welfarism money-factory , as Chinese-based Global Brands Group (which includes clothing brands like Juicy Couture, BCBGeneration and Sean John) joined the list of companies that have pledged to stop using and selling the fur of Angora rabbits, all while continuing their use of different animal skins with animal welfare promotion. Don’t worry, they were sure to differentiate mohair (from goats) so it’s still suitable and won’t garner them all sorts of negative press. I mean, until PETA releases a mohair campaign, maybe.

Full article: http://www.ecorazzi.com/2017/05/23/forbes-calls-another-p...