16 Apr '17, 6pm

Orlando SeaWorld Frights: The Ballad of Leilani Münter https://t.co/f4qombJ8hx

As sweet a gesture as this seems on a personal level, Leilani’s self propelled publicity with it on Facebook and the subsequent media coverage and social media backlash has facilitated the promotion of this story as yet another single-issue campaign . Once again vegans and non-vegans alike mourn in harmony over the loss of Tilikum, praise the efforts of Leilani, implicitly promote as a normative matter the idea that orca’s matter more morally than any other animal we unjustly exploit through non-veganism, all while the non-vegans affected by this story chow down on an animal no different and with no less moral worth than you, I, or Tilikum.

Full article: http://www.ecorazzi.com/2017/01/10/orlando-seaworld-frigh...