02 Apr '17, 2pm

Robots Will Be Granted ‘Personhood’ Status Whilst Sentient Beings Remain ‘Things’ https://t.co/T4lIUQhSAC

We inflict unjustifiable violence and death on the most vulnerable persons on the planet, yet we deem a more relevant conversation to be whether or not we grant personhood to non-sentient, man-made machines. What this does demonstrate rather wonderfully, however – aside from the immorality and blatant speciesism of such positions – is how futile the efforts of animal welfare groups and those calling for the “better treatment” of animals really is. Money rules, to the point that – in our current society – your toaster is more likely to be granted personhood if it’s an ‘intelligent’ toaster that decides how best to make toast, than an animal who is seen as nothing more than an economic commodity.

Full article: http://www.ecorazzi.com/2017/01/18/robots-will-be-granted...