24 Nov '12, 7pm

Nuna Knits are the most adorable soaps "clothed" in a fine layer of Merino wool, each handmade and one of a kind

The felting process for Nuna Knits Sheep’s Wool Soaps begins with careful measuring of merino roving and hand dying silk roving. The wool for each bar is created by infusing indie dyed silk colors into the wool making each soap bar a one of a kind. The felting process blends wool/silk taking on its own unique veining and pooling color. Wool batts are wrapped around each soap bar and are ready for the felting process. Extra wool padding is added to each bar for softness next to your skin as you shower. Hot water is the catalyst that activates the wool to felt with each bar of soap. Using bubble wrap and constant agitation with compression the wool begins to shrink around the soap. The process takes 30 minutes. When the desired shrinking is completed, final sculpting and refinement takes place and finished felted soaps are put into a box frame for curing for 3 days. Each soa...

Full article: http://www.gorgeouslygreen.com/blog/nuna-knits/


This Clock Knits a Scarf and Tells the Time

This Clock Knits a Scarf and Tells the Time

treehugger.com 14 Nov '12, 10am

365 is stitching the time as it passes by. It is knitting 24 hours a day and one year at the time, showing the physical re...