29 Aug '16, 7pm

How about a solar-powered backpack for back to school?

Most smartphone users have probably experienced the frustration of a dead battery. Now Project Solaire have designed a backpack that incorporates a solar panel into the fabric to keep devices charged wherever you go. This is a pretty neat way of capturing solar energy in a way that is easy, accessible and highly useful. Embedded within a simple backpack the rugged designs are ideal for festival goers or hikers to use when they are far from a power point. In fact the brains behind the concept are big festival goers and were frustrated with their devices dying in the midst of a concert. “We figured there has to be a solution,” says the brand’s Deme MaRie.

Full article: http://www.ecouterre.com/project-solaires-solar-powered-b...



solarelectricpower.org 30 Aug '16, 5pm

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