27 Aug '16, 7pm

Vertical village of modular blocks adds a pixelated punch to the LIC skyline

ODA’s description of the project : “Divided into a modulated grid of 12 feet by which all structural and building systems are stacked, the site functions as a matrix with three apartment typologies: studios with one bay, one-bedrooms with two bays, and two-bedrooms with three bays. The studios are longer than their one and two-bedroom counterparts and project seven feet beyond the facade, dancing along the face of the building, creating corner windows for apartments above. During construction the push and pull of exterior lines provided unparalleled flexibility in layout, while post-construction it resulted in 50 terraced apartments and a vertical city with 30 percent more outdoor space than the footprint of the building itself.”

Full article: http://inhabitat.com/nyc/vertical-village-of-modular-bloc...