30 Dec '15, 11am

Dutch cities to experiment with guaranteed basic income for residents in 2016

Dutch cities to experiment with guaranteed basic income for residents in 2016

The payments in Utrecht, one of the largest cities in the Netherlands , will equal £660 or $978 per month. Those funds will be issued without any means testing, allowing recipients to use the money however they wish. Recipients of the grants will have the option to work – either part- or full-time – without having the amount of their grant reduced based on the income they earn. Currently, many benefits claimants receive subsidies, only to lose some or all of that assistance when they gain employment. Those jobs tend to end after just a short stint, forcing people to return to subsidized forms of income and trapping them in an endless loop. It’s hoped that, by freeing people from the vicious cycle of ill-suited jobs, long-term employment figures could improve once basic needs are covered.

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