17 Oct '15, 11pm

“Family cloths” reusable toilet wipes: gross or great?

A bidet is a natural partner for reusable wipes. Sustainable, money saving and maybe best of all really clean. We have been using a bidet toilet attachment for almost 10 years. A few years ago we added reusable toilet wipes and made the whole experience even better. Since the bidet does the cleansing the wipes are just for drying off. We lay them out to dry after we use them rather than soak then wash them with the rest of the laundry at the end of the week. We wouldn\’t go back and hate it when we visit or travel. Here is a link for one of many such attachments on the market We originally bought a rather expensive one that used warm water. It was quite elaborate, involving electronics, and only lasted a couple of years. The much much cheaper one we are now using uses cold water but we are fine with it and it is more than five years old and still works like new.A bidet is ...

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