05 Jun '15, 9pm

Good news from G-Star Raw

is making like a tree and leaving—deforestation-promoting fabrics, that is. The Dutch denim brand, which previously collaborated with “Happy” hitmaker Pharrell Williams on an line of ocean-plastic-derived apparel, has pledged to use only forest-friendly fibers in its rayon and viscose clothing. With guidance from Canopy , a forestry nonprofit whose “Fashion Loved by Forest” campaign has earned the support of retailers such as Eileen Fisher , H&M , Levi Strauss , and Patagonia , G-Star says it will work to eliminate any wood-based fibers from illegally logged sources, ancient and endangered forests, and any species listed in the IUCN Red List as critically endangered, endangered, or vulnerable.

Full article: http://www.ecouterre.com/g-star-raw-commits-to-sourcing-d...