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10 Wild and Wacky Animal Mating Habits

10 Wild and Wacky Animal Mating Habits

relatively harmless. After all they don’t even have eyes. But tell that to the fish who are victims of the mussels’ parasitic mating habits. Mussel mating starts out normal enough: the males release sperm into the water, and females catch it, then hatch their larvae inside their shells. And that’s when things take a more menacing turn. Mussel larvae need fish to grow. So, according to Care2 , “To lure fish, mother mussels wave appendages that look like worms, crayfish or other bait. Some emit a smell of rotting flesh to attract scavenger fish. When fish approach, the mussels shoot the larvae onto the fish.” The larvae attach themselves and hang out until they mature. Now we have two reasons to be glad we aren’t fish.

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