29 Jan '15, 8pm

#Luiis_3x ] Wellness clocks remind us to play, breathe, and enjoy life: Have you noticed how... [ #Luispokel

Have you noticed how time just seems to fly by, especially when you’re stressed or swamped with work? Spanish company OOO My Design has created a clock that reminds people to slow down and appreciate the wonders of everyday life. Each clock is customizable with 12 vinyl sticker suggestions that inspire happiness, such as reminders to stretch, take a few deep breaths , eat a piece of fruit, and express gratitude. Those with kids and/or pets can choose reminders to hug and play with them once in a while, while other options include nudges to kiss partners or call parents.

Full article: http://inhabitat.com/wellness-clocks-remind-us-to-play-br...