26 Jan '15, 4pm

How Cameroon's exploding "killer lakes" claimed over 1,700 lives:

In the late 1990s scientists found that levels of carbon dioxide in both Lake Nyos and Monoun were above the levels seen in the 1980s that had caused such devastating explosions, and a plan for degassing the lakes was created. With funding from The Cameroonian Government, The U.S. Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (part of the U.S. Agency for International Development), and The French Embassy in Cameroon, a simple system was put into place using a six-inch-wide tube stretch 666 feet from the gaseous layer of Lake Nyos to the surface. Through this method, C02 is released as a bubbling fountain, rather than catastrophic explosion. The following year a similar system was installed in Lake Monoun.

Full article: http://inhabitat.com/how-cameroons-exploding-lakes-claime...


Beenleigh and Varsity Lakes line trains delayed...

translink.com.au 26 Jan '15, 8am

Beenleigh and Varsity Lakes line trains are delayed up to 5 minutes inbound due to a signal fault at Bethania.