29 Mar '12, 6pm

WATCH: The New ‘Whale Wars: Viking Shores’ Trailer

WATCH: The New ‘Whale Wars: Viking Shores’ Trailer

The show, a spinoff of the very popular Whale Wars, will follow Sea Shepherd’s Faroe Islands campaign against the pilot whale slaughter known as “the Grind.”As Discovery’s press release states, there is a long history between the people of the Faroe Islands and Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson , who has been opposing the Grind since 1986. Watson says, “Justice takes precedence over the law. No law that [the Faroese] can pass is going to justify what they’re doing to those whales. We have to constantly remind the Faroese that the outside world is watching them.” Marnar Andreasen, Grind Foreman, has responded, “We kill big whales, so Paul Watson is not a problem. The problem is [the Sea Shepherds] never hear it from our side.”

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'Whale Wars: Viking Shores' trailer

'Whale Wars: Viking Shores' trailer

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