24 Feb '14, 7pm

Judy Jetson would flip over this high-tech charm bracelet

Compatible with Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, the mods can set to light up in any color or pattern when a new notification comes in. The wearer can change settings so mods notify them when a certain person calls or texts and there’s even a way to send secret coded messages. Mods can also be set to alert the wearer when another Nex wearer is nearby or use a mod to improve your gaming, unlock levels or boost scores. The band can be an expression of the wearer’s individuality both in look and function. Finally, wearers can gift, swap and track mods to share in the interaction and technology. And while it’s designed with teens in mind, this concept could easily be adapted to adults too.

Full article: http://www.ecouterre.com/nex-is-a-high-tech-charm-bracele...


3D Printed RGB LED Bracelet

3D Printed RGB LED Bracelet

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soon followed, which overhauled the bracelet’s design into a more solid form and managed to double the amount of LEDs by u...