31 Jan '14, 11am

Upward trend for standard-compliant commodities: Fairtrade cotton production was down 29 per ce... #organiccotton

Burberry ‘dead bats’ Greenpeace claims Adidas confirms sustainability efforts Toray plans bio-based polymer transition Survey fiasco highlights perils of ‘ranking’ brands Recycled workwear for circular economy Big crowd at sustainable textiles fair Upward trend for standard-compliant commodities Sustainability ‘misconception’ hits H&M ranking Burberry lbw b Greenpeace Recycled textiles for ITMA 2015

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Victor Group achieves new eco standard

Victor Group achieves new eco standard

ecotextile.com 04 Feb '14, 11am

QUEBEC – Canadian contract and interior textile specialist, Victor Group, has achieved the Facts (For Association Contract...