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#Cycling for #fitness in 2014? Take this for the road: #recycled #upcycled #ecofriendly #bike

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treehugger.com 30 Dec '13, 2pm

TreeHugger first showed landscape architect Sam Martin's SkyCycle proposal for a separated, elevated bike lane in the sky ...

Top 10 bike stories of 2013

treehugger.com 27 Dec '13, 4pm

2014 is upon us and now is a good time to look back at some notable bike-related stories from 2013. Here's our top 10 base...

New Post: Run/Bike/ST Workout

New Post: Run/Bike/ST Workout

gottarunnow.blogspot.com 31 Dec '13, 1am

I liked today's workout because it had three different parts to it. First, I spent 20 minutes doing exercises from ExRx.ne...

Sore Subject: Are You Riding The Wrong Saddle?: Illustration by Oliver BakerThe saddle is the most individual

Sore Subject: Are You Riding The Wrong Saddle?:...

triathlon.competitor.com 30 Dec '13, 2pm

No part of a bike is more individual than your saddle choice. What sits underneath your most sensitive contact point can m...

Fitness: A Big Weight Off Your Shoulders

Fitness: A Big Weight Off Your Shoulders

golfdigest.com 31 Dec '13, 8pm

There's a reason almost all carry bags come with two straps: Supporting the weight of a golf bag on both shoulders makes t...