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Giving New Life to Old Running Shoes - Feelgood Style

Giving New Life to Old Running Shoes - Feelgood Style

There’s no doubt that as runners, we have a special attachment to our running shoes. As my spouse frequently reminds me, I have a huge collection of shoes, each with their own particular use: Trail running shoes for off road training, well cushioned shoes for putting in mileage on the roads, lightweight trainers for road races and even a beat up pair of spikes for those increasingly rare track races. After all, a runner’s shoes are like a baseball player’s glove or a tennis player’s racquet. They’re the fundamental equipment of our sport.

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So it was a sunny Saturday morning while everyone is still snoozing in dreamland after a hardcore Friday night out partyin...

Style Watch: What's behind Karen Stupples' Style?:

Style Watch: What's behind Karen Stupples' Style?:

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Karen Stupples hit the links this year with a new style from Quagmire Golf. Why did you choose Quagmire Golf for your clot...

Top 9 Women's Shoe Designers ● ● #shoes

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Jimmy Choo was launched in 1996 when Tamara Mellon, Accessories Editor at British Vogue realized the potential demand for ...

Running Around Melbourne: Date Day

Running Around Melbourne: Date Day

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Since I’m leaving Melbourne for good in less than two months, I figured I should try out all the restaurants, do all the t...

Power Full Jogging Shoes

Power Full Jogging Shoes

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Ever wondered, as you pound along the pavements, just how much power your jogging could be generating? Well, now we have a...

Adidas 360 ATV golf shoes - Golf.com

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All-terrain-vehicles, known as ATVs, are designed to handle any off-road encounter or hairy surface condition. Last week A...

Childhood Life

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If you were to ask me what my childhood life is. I would said I can't remember well. So these what I remember in my life, ...

The style ville

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New Life For A Once Condemned Dog

New Life For A Once Condemned Dog

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We went to Buena Vista, Colorado, to help on a work day at the German Shepherd Dog Rescue of Central Colorado where I am a...

Calculating the yield on existing life policy

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I retired from NTUC Income on 28 February 2007, after heading this cooperative for 30 years. I now run a consultancy compa...

Ritzy Vogue, where style begins.

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Ritzy Vogue is a brand new online ladies boutique catering to fashion forward ladies like you. 'Like' us on facebook on fo...

By giving in to Big Oil, Obama seals his political fate:

By giving in to Big Oil, Obama seals his politi...

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Smog, schmog -- that's what gas masks are for. Photo: Alex Carmichal In his latest attack on the environment, President Ba...

Editor-in-Chief - Feelgood Style

feelgoodstyle.com 03 Sep '11, 8pm

Ok, so you are probably wondering…did they work? Like I said, the timing was perfect as I had some really good stress to t...

FUTUREWATCH: Energy Generating Shoes

FUTUREWATCH: Energy Generating Shoes

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Have ever wondered if your shoes could charge up your electrical gadgets while you’re sweating it out by doing your power ...

Hanoi's Beautiful Old Quarter in Pictures #travel #lp #ttot

Hanoi's Beautiful Old Quarter in Pictures #trav...

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is one way of showing how much I enjoyed exploring this beautiful place during my visit here in 2010. Spending over nine d...