31 May '13, 5pm

Top Actress Elevates Anti-Ivory and Rhino-Horn Crusade In China @ecorazzi #China #LiBingBing

“We are incredibly thankful that Li Bingbing is joining our campaign as a WildAid Ambassador to shift China’s view of ivory and rhino horn consumption,” said WildAid Executive Director Peter Knights. “Due to the ivory and rhino horn trade as many as 25,000 elephants are killed every year and up to 95% of the world’s rhinos have been lost in the past four decades, with the last of the species in Mozambique recently falling victim to poachers. We must act now to save these endangered animals from extinction.”

Full article: http://www.ecorazzi.com/2013/05/31/li-bingbing-joins-anti...


joins in the call.

joins in the call.

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