22 Jun '18, 12pm

UK committee launches ‘fast fashion’ inquiry https://t.co/rlPe1J6HUr

LONDON – The Environmental Audit Committee has launched an inquiry into the social and environmental impacts of the ‘fast fashion’ culture which has become an integral part of the apparel industry.

Full article: https://www.ecotextile.com/2018062223565/labels-legislati...


Changing the shape of fashion education

Changing the shape of fashion education

ecotextile.com 23 Jun '18, 4am

AMSTERDAM – “Everything starts with education” is how Leslie Holden, head of the fashion & design department at AMFI (Amst...


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The Spring/Summer 2019 collection by Maison Margiela is bound to make a lasting impression with its insanely provocative f...