03 Jun '18, 5pm

@FioraAeterna I’d never heard of it before and looked it up. First article: https://t.co/PXfb1JFZDK

Kathleen, I purchased your book about a month ago, and am almost finished reading it. (In bed at night is about the only time I have!) I could write a book in response to all of your wonderful information- things that have bugged me for years about patterns and sewing, as well as most of the other things you covered. As a home-sewer-turned-fashion-school-graduate (I’ll post a bio soon), I agree with all you’ve said about sleeves and other fitting issues. These have been my biggest pet peeves with fit. I draped a muslin and tried it on an elderly client last year. After much tweaking to her contours, the armholes and sleeves turned out just like your illustrations! As did the front princess seams! And the back curve! I thought I was on drugs! I even “blended” them to make them look “more like patterns” and now I know that I was right all along. I LOVE your book, and wish I’...

Full article: https://fashion-incubator.com/sleeve_cap_ease_is_bogus/