21 May '18, 1am

@Jeanine_R0 Mine was a good value gift from a garage sale, but here's the info.

Help friendly bee populations thrive. Native bees make their homes in preexisting insect holes and woodpecker drillings, so they’re naturally drawn to the bamboo tubes in this charming house designed to resemble a home in the Swiss Alps. Once a female bee establishes her home, she’ll lay her eggs, fill the tubes with nourishment and seal off the entrance so her young can grow. About 30% of the human food supply, and 90% of wild plants, depend on bees for pollination—the majority of which are native bees. A single native bee can pollinate several thousand blooms each day. Because they’re focused on pollination—they don’t produce honey or beeswax—native bees are not aggressive and make friendly neighbors! Handcrafted wood and bamboo, this bee house is sealed with a nontoxic, water-based finish. This is our largest bee house and includes a butterfly slot at the top. By provid...

Full article: https://www.bambeco.com/swiss-alps-bee-house.html


The value of in-house employees

godaddy.com 16 May '18, 1pm

Twitter Facebook 0 LinkedIn 0 Google 0 Pinterest 0 RSS The path of full-time employees in 2018 is paved with flexibility. ...

Italy-Swiss Trip: Bellinzona, Switzerland.

Italy-Swiss Trip: Bellinzona, Switzerland.

emilayusof.com 21 May '18, 12am

Bellinzona (German: Bellenz) is strategically positioned where the valley narrows on the way to the Alpine passes of St. G...

Buyers Snap Up 70 Units at Le Quest Phase Two Sale

iproperty.com.sg 21 May '18, 2am

SINGAPORE – Buyers snapped up 70 units of Le Quest in the first day of Phase Two sales on Saturday (19 May 2018). Qingjian...