09 Apr '18, 12am

Jallikattu was a single issue campaign doomed for failure : Ecorazzi

For those of us who are vegan and upset at what is happening on a massive scale to animals every single minute of every day, the feeling that we need to change something right now is very powerful. How can we let this continue? But let us remember that our needs and desires do not always benefit the animals. In fact, if our misguided actions prolong animal existence as things owned by humans, we are obligated to stop in the interest of the animals. Further, the fact is that this is a zero sum game. Filing a case in the courts is a time-consuming and expensive affair and, sadly, doomed to fail because, by and large, the laws of the land reflect the views of the people. This is what has happened here with the Government stepping in to ensure that Jallikattu continues no matter what.

Full article: http://www.ecorazzi.com/2018/03/13/jallikattu-was-a-singl...


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