28 Jan '18, 12am

There’s a Recall on Milk Containing Too Much Poo : Ecorazzi https://t.co/aSEhazepH6

If you’ve ever worked on a dairy farm, as I have, you’d never consume dairy products again. Filth. Is. Everywhere. Feces on the teats? Don’t bother cleaning it off, instructs the boss, just pump that milk into the tank. Blood and pus in the milk? “Perfectly normal,” he’d say, go ahead and pump it into the tank. Obvious serious mastitis in an udder? Don’t you dare remove the animal from the milking station for care and interrupt the routine, just go ahead and massage that udder to get all of the infected milk out of it that you can, and pump it into the tank. And the poor, helpless goats were beaten without mercy, too. Not at all the happy, smiling cartoony goats like they have on their label. I lasted one shift before I quit. Sickening. Absolutely sickening.

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