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Move Your Way to a Mindful Meditation Practice

Move Your Way to a Mindful Meditation Practice

Concentrate on the task at hand while being aware of your surroundings. Time and focus one’s breathing in harmony with one’s movements. Have proper posture, flow, and balance while moving. Move in harmony with your surroundings, with whatever you’re doing. It should appear to the outside observer that you are moving smoothly and are in balance. Even the most mundane tasks should be done with a calm and harmonious spirit that exhibits tranquility, quiet joy, and economy of motion. Meditation should be practiced as an integral part of life, not as an escape from life. Life should be productive; meditation while moving should increase your productivity. Any task done with proper technique, breathing, posture, and flow should leave you refreshed, not exhausted.

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@teresa_joey or move to #liverpool

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*For cross river journeys only. To enjoy the full, continuous River Explorer Cruise you must buy a full River Explorer Cru...

A Miracle On The Way

A Miracle On The Way

pbfingers.com 23 Jan '18, 10am

ere is a huge part of my heart that shares this news that is so incredibly aware of how it likely affects those of you who...

On my way up the mountains to ski

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Hi frode, superb watch ! now you can ski during night time with the sky & a full moon on your wrist ! [nt]

Why Sri Lanka’s Historic Mangroves Move Matters https://t.co/hAx11MORWu

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