24 Jan '13, 3pm

Is Walmart sincere about making amends for the horrific Bangladesh factory fire?

Not everyone is buying the retailer’s mea-culpa tour, however. Scott Nova, executive director at Workers’ Rights Consortium , told reporters that the company needs to pay its suppliers more so they can cover the costs of repairs and improvements. Walmart’s moves show a “great deal of pressure in the wake of public scrutiny,” he said. “[But] the upfront commitment from brands and retailers is essential if we are going to see real change.” Walmart also needs to disclose a list of all its suppliers, as well as the results of its factory inspections, so they can be monitored by independent groups, he added.

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Are Walmart and Big Food pushing for GMO labeling?

Are Walmart and Big Food pushing for GMO labeling?

grist.org 25 Jan '13, 3pm

Since food companies collectively spent over $45 million to stop Prop 37, California’s GMO labeling law, it’s hard to beli...