14 Sep '17, 2pm

Project aims to limit synthetic textile microfibres

BONN – A new €1.7 million project sponsored by German Federal Ministry for Education and Research to reduce the environmental impact of microplastics from synthetic textiles is being backed by leading outdoor clothing brands such as Vaude, Adidas, Polartec as well as detergent suppliers, WWF Germany, industry associations and academia.

Full article: https://www.ecotextile.com/2017091422967/materials-produc...


Google's Project Jacquard: Textile-Based Device Controls

Google's Project Jacquard: Textile-Based Device...

seobythesea.com 14 Sep '17, 4pm

This document describes interactive textiles. An interactive textile includes a grid of conductive thread woven into the i...

The Range of Motion Project

The Range of Motion Project

rompglobal.org 20 Sep '17, 1pm

We Believe in Empowerment Through Mobility Climbing For ROMP 2017 In 2017, we are building off the success of the last two...

Breakthrough claimed in textile recycling

Breakthrough claimed in textile recycling

ecotextile.com 11 Sep '17, 12pm

HONG KONG – A significant breakthrough has been announced by the H&M Foundation and Hong Kong researchers in a four-year p...

BRIC textile workers poorly paid

BRIC textile workers poorly paid

ecotextile.com 11 Sep '17, 10am

SURREY – Researchers at the Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES) claim that Western European textile supply cha...