18 Aug '17, 7am

Beyond the Filter: Instagram Star @VeganFatKid Gets Candid IRL

Beyond the Filter: Instagram Star @VeganFatKid Gets Candid IRL

Moore grew up in South Auckland, New Zealand, dreaming of the day he would get to take his Oversees Experience, or “OE.” The OE is a right of passage for islanders; it is typically a one month excursion to a mainland taken around the age of twenty-one. Moore flew straight to Chicago, but quickly realized it did not fit his idealized image of America, shaped by his favorite childhood films. A 2 a.m. conversation with a stranger in a bar convinced him to fly to Los Angeles with twenty dollars in his pocket. He ended up in Venice Beach living in a hostel, setting up trinket stands on the boardwalk and eventually washing dishes. Moore credits this as the most eye-opening and exciting time of his life.

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