12 Dec '12, 7pm

German wind turbines manufacturer ENERCON believes in the Spanish market & opens new office in Madrid: #GoodMadridNews

ENERCON news ENERCON believes in the Spanish market / Opens new office in Madrid 26.10. 2010 German wind turbine manufacturer ENERCON opens its new subsidiary in Madrid today. Customers as well as representatives from business and the media are joining in the celebration in ENERCON's office located at Calle de Fernando el Santo 15, 28010 Madrid. "This will help us improve our presence in the Spanish capital and make it even easier to reach us for our customers from all over the country," explains Stefan L├╝tkemeyer, ENERCON's International Sales Manager. "By setting up a new, central office in Spain, we also hope to give impetus to the positive expansion of renewable energies in Spain. It would be a shame if a country with such vast regenerative potentials missed out on the current developments that create jobs and other positive decentralised effects all over Europe. We wa...

Full article: http://www.enercon.de/en-en/1156.htm