28 Dec '16, 1am

Reveries of Collapse

In the face of a finite world it’s really all just an illusion of cohesion. The great reset should have happened in 2008, but it did not happen. Instead, the failing energy sector was propped up by the creation of more digibits. It’s not the banks that were too big to fail but our way of life. If they had not exercised the ability to create digibits ad infinitum, and to put those digibits in service of bringing energy to market, than we would have been forced to engage with the reality of our diminishing resources. The trillions of digibits that have been created by the Federal Reserve and the Federal Goobermint have amounted to nothing more than the largest financial subsidy in the history of the world. Just like our industrial agriculture is made possible only by it’s subsidization, our energy is now only made possible by subsidy. It’s not a direct subsidy though. It’s a...

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PizzaGate, Bitcoin, & Imminent Inflation Collapse

youtube.com 21 Dec '16, 8pm

Newsletter Christmas 24 hour special: http://bit.ly/2h2Mqsp (won’t come along again for a year!) PizzaGate is still very r...