23 May '12, 4pm

Greasing the wheel: Oil’s role in the global crisis

Thanks Rembrandt! It's good to see a solid macro-analysis of the interactions between oil prices, global capital flows, and the events leading up to the US Subprime crisis. I wonder if the current retrenchments to less risk and tighter capital will prevent this kind of crisis in the future? My thoughts are that so long as energy prices remain high, there will be trouble. Perhaps not the same trouble experienced in the Subprime crisis. But different manifestations of the same problem. Like what we are seeing now with the PIGS countries in Europe. Oil prices are now in freefall. So I wonder what, exactly, is the cause? Is demand destruction in Europe and elsewhere popping the current price bubble? Or do we have actual supply relief? Still a very muddy picture given a boatload of intransparencies. Have to agree wholeheartedly with your conclusions as well as those of Spencer....

Full article: http://www.theoildrum.com/node/9201


@muhdhazwann this one yolo

@muhdhazwann this one yolo

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Check the math: Study touting ‘safer’ fracking reveals Big Oil’s ties to academia

Check the math: Study touting ‘safer’ fracking ...

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What do you call a report that makes major math mistakes, pulls language directly from other publications without citation...

The Peak Oil Crisis: Perspective

The Peak Oil Crisis: Perspective

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While waiting to see how the Iranian nuclear confrontation and the various Eurozone crises sort themselves out, there is t...