27 Jul '14, 2am

@takagiyasuyo @t0hyan 中国で原子力電池が販売中20年交換不要

Thin-film tritiated amorphous silicon cells have been built. These cells are often called tritium batteries. Tritium batteries are cheap, long-life, high energy density, low-power batteries. They have a specific power of 24 watts per kilogram, a full load operating life of 10 years, and an overall efficiency on the order of 25%. Tritium is readily substituted for the hydrogen present in hydrogenated amorphous semiconductors. Tritiated amophous films are mechanically stable, free from flaking or blistering, with good adherence to the substrate and may be simultaneously deposited onto both conducting and insulating substrates. The deposition technique is a discharge in tritium plasma. The silicon layer sputtered in a tritium / argon ambient environment at temperatures below 300'C results in a tritiated amorphous silicon film with the tritium concentration varying from 5 to 3...

Full article: http://peswiki.com/index.php/PowerPedia:BetaVoltaic