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Beautifying Spaces...!!! | Solarplaza | The global solar energy (PV ...: URBANA Home & Life. URBANA Home & Life

URBANA Home & Life has furniture and home decor accessories to make any room in your home a symbol of luxury. Each piece of furniture in URBANA is unique and represents a story where elegance is mixed with decorative and neoclassical motifs. The imported finish is polished with metropolitan sleekness and leaves no doubt as to why URBANA Home & Life is imported furniture with enhanced custom quality. The URBANA high-gloss finish is similar to the paint on a sports car and the touch of a piano key. With almost scratch resistant and sleek finishes, URBANA furniture is easy to maintain in this dusty city and is sure to stand out from the rest. Beautifying Spaces URBANA presents their new collection “Beautifying Spaces”. The furniture in this theme spans across the 2,500sqft showroom located in the heart of Civil Lines. “Beautifying Spaces” has several stories in which each loo...

Full article: http://www.solarplaza.com/pressrelease/beautifying-spaces


Solar Tool to Help Residential Solar PV Customers

Solar Tool to Help Residential Solar PV Customers

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The site notes: “Solar contractors employ a variety of tools to size systems and provide detailed quotations for prospecti...

Brand new home:

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Just like sartorial trends which rock the runways every spring/summer and autumn/winter, your home isn't immune to the win...

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#FF Interested in #home #energy? Follow @HomeEn...

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Historic Windows A team of researchers steps bravely into the debate of keeping the integrity of historic windows (that le...

On Life

On Life

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But to do that, we have to convince ourselves that this life is important. It shouldn’t take too much convincing, since we...