15 Sep '13, 8am

Tables of #Feed-in #Tariffs #Worldwide by Paul #Gipe

Tables of Feed-in Tariffs Worldwide by Paul Gipe These tables summarize tariffs for different technologies in different countries, and various states and provinces. The tables may also provide an overview of program details. These tables are updated as information becomes available or is thought pertinent to the discussion of renewable tariffs. The data contained here changes frequently. Always check for the latest version. Note: Help is always needed to keep these tables up-to-date. If you have information on tariffs or program details not covered or that is incorrect in these tables, please send me a message. These tables are not a complete guide to the tariffs in each country, state or province. Subsidies or "incentives" are not included in these tables. Only renewable tariffs are listed. The data in these tables is compiled from multiple sources, not all of which are i...

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