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Tech Talk - Insecurity in the Middle East

The largest of those resource sites is in Russia, where there may be as much as 75 billion barrels. But two things should be remembered. The first is that peak oil is reached, not when we run out of oil, but when we start producing less each year than in the previous. And the second is that getting much of the oil in the shale into the proven reserve category is going to take a fair amount of time, after which production rates, going from the results seen, for example, in the Bakken will decline at such a rate that a continued and expansive program of expensive drilling will be required to sustain production. And all this time the flow of oil from existing reservoirs will continue to fall.

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Jurong East

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Hatred between Sunnis, Shiites abounds in Mideast

Hatred between Sunnis, Shiites abounds in Mideast

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Others are significant. Shiites, for example, believe Ali and a string of his descendants, the Imams, had not only rightfu...

#peakoil Oil and gold buoyed by Middle East ten...

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Afghan attack update: Taliban say—via text—that...

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KABUL, Afghanistan -- A series of explosions rocked one of the most secure areas of the Afghan capital early Tuesday in an...

製造業以外に急拡大、誰もが企画・設計、作り手に [Tech-On!]

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Tech Talk - A June TWIP and the OPEC MOMR

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The reality of that second assumption is, I rather suspect, more based on hope than reality. Once you start providing powe...