21 May '11, 4pm

MoS2/Graphene composite materials as high-performance anodes for Li-ion batteries

Nowhere this article gives the voltage used here. AH alone are interesting but we need the WH to asses the real capacity interest for EVs, after multiplying by the voltage, plus we need the instant W of power density to check it can fullfil all purposes including high speeds on motorway and mountain claims, and for the cycles we need to know de % of capacity left after 1K, 3K and/or 5K deep recharges, not just 100. As DaveD points out 200$/KWH and 500W/KG is a (dream) target that would allow next gen 50KWH battery for $10K and 100KG only, and best dream 500M capable 130KWH battery for $26K and 260KG... Then need check the instant power density and the cycles it will last, and the manageability and safety. For the cycles I would need to recharge a 50KWH battery 200M range only 2x per week, plus 1x for week-ends 1x per month, plus may be 8 per vacations trips in the summer, ...

Full article: http://www.greencarcongress.com/2011/05/chang-20110521.html