27 Feb '16, 2pm

Ather S340: One Smart E-Scooter

Ather S340: One Smart E-Scooter

"...is a connected vehicle powered by a lithium-Ion battery pack, and features a digital touchscreen dashboard, a light-weight aluminium chassis, and can reach speeds of 72 kmph. The smart dashboard in the vehicle will enable users to create personalized profiles, choose riding modes and set other ride preferences. The vehicle charges up to 80 per cent in less than an hour. Its touchscreen dashboard contains a Vehicle Control Unit (diagnostic system) that constantly monitors the rider’s behavior, a (24/7 connected) GPS, and an indicator showing how much distance can be travelled on the remaining charge. The personalized profile feature will allow users to create their profile comprising all the basic information. "The inbuilt navigation... works very differently from the plain vanilla mapping that is available in other vehicles. The map uses data to not only predict the ti...

Full article: http://evworld.com/news.cfm?newsid=35102


Iris by Lowe’s Smart Plug is Purely Smart https://t.co/O6RbkAc8OK

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Before, you could only cut the power to the power strips with a central “turn off” switchpoint, powering down multiple pie...